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At SnapInspect, we believe in fostering transparency and clear communication between property managers and tenants. This new add-on was developed to bring even more clarity to the tenant-manager relationship by creating an unprecedented level of interaction and transparency in the inspection process.


The ability to send a live, finished inspection directly to your tenants allows them to make comments on the inspection, add their own pictures, and even sign off on the inspection. All live, on the web!

The workflow

  1. Add to checklist

    Choose the type of inspection you would like to add the review feature to.

    (Checklist -> Inspection Type -> Review)

    Include relevant and necessary information, like the template name, frequency of the reminders to the tenant, expiration date for the tenant to complete the review, and status progress.

  2. Add the areas or items you would like the tenant to interact with

    In your Checklist, select controls in the areas/items you would like the tenant to interact with, and check the “Web only” option. This allows the tenant to view the inspector's rating and comments. The tenant can select their rating, make comments and add photos.

    (Checklist -> Edit Checklist -> Edit Area/Item -> Add new Control Type for Tenant -> Check "Web Only" option -> Update)

  3. Schedule an inspection, for the inspector to complete

    Schedule an inspection with the relevant inspector, as per normal workflow. The inspector does not see which items the tenant will review.

  4. Once the inspection is completed, send it to the tenant

    Once the inspection is completed by the relevant inspector, you can send the inspection as a web share link to the tenant.

    (Inspections -> Reviews -> Add Reviewer Email -> Save)

    Monitor the progress of the review.

  5. Tenant views, interacts & signs

    The tenant receives the web share link via email and can proceed with the inspection.

    Once completed, the status will change on the web app and web share link.

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