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Asset info, Contact & Custom info Explained

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The asset info tab is a place where you can store, record and review all information related to the selected asset. 

There are three tabs located under asset information: asset Info, Contact and Custom Info. 

Asset Info
Here is where you will find:

References- This is specific to the inspector. In the example above we have put the building name as the reference. 

Manager-  The manager associated with the property 

Key- Where the key is located 

Alarm- The alarm code or any instructions you need to complete in order to not trigger the alarm 

This tab is where you can list all relevant contacts for the property with their contact details.

Choose between Owner, Tenant or maintenance staff.

Custom Info

This tab is for any additional info you may want to include under the asset. In our example we have listed the tenants of the property. 

You may also want to include things like; Rent amount, Site type, total unit amount, area manager or any other relevant information that you see fit to include. 

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