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Bulk Export Inspections
Bulk Export Inspections
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Our Bulk Export Inspections function allows you to send a bulk of all the inspections ever completed for either internal use or to a specific individual who needs this information.

SnapInspect has created a function where now you are able to filter the inspections required and are able to export these into an excel spreadsheet.

Below is an image from of the WebApp. To be able to use this function you will need to log into SnapInspect 3 WebApp (Log in  HERE)

You will need to go into "Inspections" which can be seen in the image above. This is where all the inspections can be found that have been done for the entire company account. You will be able to filter the inspections by date and inspection type.

Once you have clicked on the "Inspections" tab, you will be presented with the above. Here is where all your inspections will show. If you want to filter the inspections you may do so by the inspectors, start/end dates/months and by inspection types. If you would like to simply to use the quick filter functions, then you may do so also

Once you have figured out exactly what type of filter you would like to apply then go to the right-hand side of your window and click on the "Export" button.

When you have clicked on the "Export" button you will be provided with two options "With Report Link" and "Without Report Link."  The difference between the two options is that one will export the inspections without the download link to the inspection reports and the other will include the download link to the inspection reports.

Once you have clicked on which option you would like to use, you the export process will begin. If you run into any issues or find a bug please contact

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