SnapInspect has added the capability to view the properties exact location via Google Maps. This is available on the WebApp.
 What this does is allow your inspectors to locate the property prior to going out on the inspections if they prefer to do so. There is also a method to do this from the mobile app, but this will be covered in the Mobile App section of the support guides.
 To be able to get to the google maps section of each asset, you will first need to be logged into the WebApp ( HERE)

 When you do log into your account via the WebApp (as shown above). You will need to go into your Assets tab and follow the next steps below.

 By going into your assets tab you will be presented with a list of properties that are on your account or that your oversee. What you are wanting to look for is the green Action button found on your far left-hand side.

 Because these are existing assets that are already on your account, you will need to go to "Edit asset." Clicking on this will take you to the information about this asset including the Google map.

 The information that is presented is everything you will need to know about the property as well as the Google Map on the right-hand side.
 You are able to zoom in and zoom out. All capabilities are available as you would normally with Google Maps.

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