If you have been wondering how to make changes to a large number of assets at the same time then you have come to the right place.

Why did we create this? The real reason was to make sure that our clients such as possibly yourself would not have such a troublesome process to make bulk changes to tenant information, assigned property managers and the ability to change some asset information.
 First things first, you need to know where this function is so that you can get started. You must be logged into the WebApp to do this you must click HERE when logged in you will be presented with the image below.

 When you log into the Mobile App you will be in the "Dashboard" tab. What you need to do is go ahead and click on the "Assets" tab. To locate the Assets tab it can be found on your top left corner of the screen.
 The image above is the Assets tab. Here is where all your assets are stored, this includes buildings and single dwellings.

Our main focus while being in the assets tab is to look at the 2 new buttons we have added on your account. These two buttons are "Import Assets" in black and "Export All" in red. When you click on Export All, this will generate a data dump file in excel spreadsheet. We believe having this data generate into an excel spreadsheet is much easier to use.

The below image is what most clients will see. You might be familiar with some of the columns which are identical to that of the Bulk Upload function found HERE.

You might have noticed already that there are two columns highlighted in red. These columns are to NEVER be altered at all. The reason being is because each building/asset has been assigned a specific asset ID and building ID. This basically means when you need to update/upload your changes back to the server that the server will be able to locate the asset in the database to adjust and update the changes you have made for each asset.
 Something that you also might have noticed is that the building assets and single assets can be recognized easily on the spreadsheet. On building assets, you will notice that the BuildingID is set to 0 this means this is a building. The building will show up on Address 1 and have Building Address 1 and Building Address 2 blank. This was done to be able to see when the building actually starts so that you can locate the units easier below the building. In the image above we have 242 Queens Street in Address 1 and Auckland in Address 2, this is the building.
 Single dwellings will show up with BuildingID 0 because these are their own "entire" assets. As you can see Building Address 1 and Building Address 2 are blank and this should not be filled in LEAVE THESE AS IS. All the data can be changed and edited to your liking. Please be aware that this isn't a method of adding assets this is only a method of managing existing portfolio information. Once you have made the changes that your desire you will need to save the excel spreadsheet from your computer and upload that spreadsheet by clicking on the "Import Assets" button. Once this has been uploaded if everything has been done correctly it should update your spreadsheet with the changes you made for each asset. If you have broken something or played around with the ASSETID/BUILDINGID then you will create problems to your entire portfolio. Be sure to only change what you need to change.
 If you require further assistance you may contact our support at support@snapinspect.com.

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