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How to mark an asset as a multi-family building & assign units to that building.ย 

If you do not have a building set up already, and you would like to create a building, follow the guide below:

Log into your SnapInspect 3 account via HERE

Once you have logged into your account, click on "Assets."

When you are in your assets tab, click on "New Asset" and fill in the details for the new building. As shown below.

To change an asset to a Multifamily building, Find the asset you want to change to a Multifamily building and click on the green "Action" button.ย 

You will be presented with a drop down menu. To mark an asset, click "Mark as multi-family building"ย 


Once this has been set up and you can view your building from the assets tab via the web app or on your mobile app.

To add a unit to your multi-family building, simply click on the "Action" button next to the asset you wish to add units to.ย 

Click on the "+ New Unit" option. This will bring a pop up window asking you to fill out details for the unit.ย 

Once you have filled out the details field click "Add" and the unit will be added to the multi-family building asset.ย 

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