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How to edit an inspection via Web App & how asset change works
How to edit an inspection via Web App & how asset change works
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On this Snapinspect support article, we will be showing you how to edit an inspection on the Web App, what you can edit and how to change assets within the inspection editor. We hope you find this article helpful!

How To Edit an Inspection

Firstly log in to the Snapinspect web app and navigate to the inspections section. Once in the Inspection section, select action on the inspection you would like to edit, after clicking this a dropdown menu will appear with edit inspection being the first option.

Editing the report and responses

First, select the specific area of the report you would like to edit, in our example we have selected the entry. From here you can select the differents parts of the area and edit them as if you were conducting the inspection on the mobile app, you can change the ratings, write comments and upload images directly from your computer.

If you want to edit anything about the checklist itself click the 3 dots beside the asset name, area name or item name. We will now show you what you can edit when you click these different buttons

Asset Name

Once clicking the 3 dots beside the asset name you have the option to either change the order of the areas or add a new area

Area Name

Once clicking the 3 dots beside the area name you can edit, delete, reorder and add items as well as change the name of the area itself and changing your view of the area so that you can only view items that have been filled, empty or both.

Item Name

Once clicking the 3 dots besides any item name you will be able to edit that items name or delete it

Now that you know how to edit the inspection report, we will now show you how to change assets and other inspectio details.

Asset Change

After first entering the edit inspection dashboard you will see the option to edit inspection details, click on this button.

In this section you will be able to edit all the important details of the inspection whether that be inspection type, date of inspection, the title or even the inspector itself. However, you also can change the asset to do this simply removing the text in the asset box

Once you have done this put in the first few letters or numbers of your asset name and it will search and display the names of your assets below.

After selecting the asset you want to add in, make sure you select update inspection details or this chnage will not be saved.

We hope this guide helped you learn how to edit inspections and change assets, if you feel as if you need more help, feel free to reach out to our incredible customer service who will be more than happy to assist you!

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