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What are Inspection Status's & How to set these up?
What are Inspection Status's & How to set these up?
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If you have been waiting patiently for new functions to be released then let me tell you something. At SnapInspect we have been tuning in and listening to all our customer's feedback which has been ensuring that we are improving our product the way you and your team are wanting it to be improved. The team at SnapInspect thank everyone who has been providing our team with great feedback without your input we would not be coming up with some great features/updates.
 One of the newest functions that we have been working on is the "Inspection Status" this function will be a way of you and your team being able to tag each inspection specifically which process/state it is in. This can change varying between industries, and I hope our guide will provide you with a basic understanding of what you can achieve with this function.

 In the above image, you will notice that the WebApp has gone through a revamp and looks different, but the majority of all the functions are still exactly where they used to be with the old UI. This new UI also

was known

as a user interface allows more flexibility for us and the developers to create amazing new functions. We understand that sometimes dramatic changes to things can have an adverse effect, but in all honesty, the theme/skin has changed however everything else is where it used to be.

 What we will want to concentrate for now for this guide on how to use and setup inspection status's is the "Company Settings." The Company Settings are still located at the end of the tabs located on the left of the image shown above. Don't forget you must be logged into the Admin account for your SnapInspect account to be able to see the Admin options.

 Once you have clicked on the "Company Settings" you will need to look at the top of the page where you will see tabs just as you did


the previous version. From here you will then be presented with functions/settings etc. What we want to look at is "Inspection Status" which is located just below the "Smart Comments" and above the Integrations title.

Once you have clicked onto"View/Edit" this will prompt a window such as the above image. This is just a test setup that I have created to show you how to use this function and get a better understanding of what it might look like for you. If you have not set anything up, then it will show the "New Status Name" row/


and Add New as shown below.

 Now you might see buttons and don't worry we will go over them now. One button that will probably be good to know about is the green box with two arrows pointing the opposite direction. This can be found on the left of each status. I have also added an image below to show you. This button allows for you to re-arrange the order of your status names which will also arrange them within the Mobile App and the WebApp.

The color button is a drop-down menu that will allow for you to select a specific


allocation to that status that you have created. Please keep in mind you can always change the


later on. However, it will only take effect on new inspections only.

The buttons "Save and Delete" are quite


but just in case if you don't know. The "Save" button will save any changes made to that Status Name/



Once you have finally set up all your inspection status's, there are two methods of how to change the status' on your completed inspections.
 1) You can change the statuses via the Inspections tab from the WebApp.
 2) You can also change the statuses via the Mobile App.
 We will cover both methods below:
​ Method 1 - Inspection tab WebApp
 This is a direct method. Simply navigate to your "Inspections" tab located on the tabs on your left. Just like we had to go to "Company Settings" on the far left-hand side this is also where you will find "Inspections." Once you have clicked on this tab, you will be presented with the below image.

This is where you will locate all your inspections every completed and uploaded to our cloud server. Here is where you will notice the new "Status" column. This is shown in the above image and if your statuses have been set up correctly you to will be able to see these.

 You can click on the "Status" button which provides you with a quick way of changing the status for that specific inspection. Another method of changing the status for a specific inspection is by click on the green "Action" button.

 When clicking on the "Action" button, you will be presented with a drop-down menu. You will need to scroll all the way down to "Update Status" this will then open another drop-down menu with your available status.
​ Method 2 - Asset View Mobile App
 When trying to change the status from your Mobile app. You will first need to locate the asset under the "Asset" tab and locate that asset. Once you have located the asset, you will need to tap on the little circle with arrows on the "Uploaded Inspections" title. Please be aware that you must have an internet connection when tapping on the button as it requires to download information from our cloud server to show you data.

Step 1: Tap on the little blue circle with arrows.

 Step 2: Once you have tapped the little circle it will load up all inspection data for that asset. Locate which inspection you want to change the status for and tap on it.

 Step 3: Once you have tapped on the inspection you will be presented with the below options. What you are looking for is "Update Status". Tap on this option.

Step 4: From here you will be provided with all your Status's. You can now select the right status, and it will update both on your Mobile App and on the Web App.

 This covers the guide for Inspection statuses. If you have any questions or need any further assistance with how this function works or any questions, in general, please don't hesitate to contact us at

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