To be able to use Smart Comments within the Mobile App. You first must ensure that you have smart comments set up and ready to go. Which is done via the WebApp if you were not aware.
 When doing your inspections on the Mobile App and you wish to use the Smart Comments you have created. Simply go into the comment box, and you will be presented with the Smart Comments options as shown below.

 Remember that you must tap inside the comment box to prompt the Smart Comments option. When it does appear you will need to tap Smart Comments which will present you with a list of all created Smart Comments.

When you have selected the Smart Comment you wish to use you will be able to see the entire structured sentence/paragraph with the triggers that you have set up. In this instance, the trigger (Location) has been created and used.

When you tap on the **Location** it will then allow you to fill these in with the answers you have set for Location such as East, West, and North. Remember you can use multiple Smart Comments to construct the sentences or paragraphs you require.

If you still do not understand how to exactly use Smart Comments, please read the other support article under WebApp SnapInspect 3 on Smart Comments. This guide will help you understand Smart Comments overall. If you still require assistance, please contact

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